Wyse Guide car and tyre data is the solution to all your queries about the fitment of low profile tyres to cars.

Wyse Guide has been compiled from vehicle and tyre manufacturers' sources combined with a background of over 30 years experience in the motor and tyre trades.

Wyse Guide is designed to keep the tyre industry up to date with the vast range of tyre sizes and optional fitments available for todays cars.

Cars manufactured since 1985 and fitted with '70' series - '35' Series tyres are included in Wyse Guide covering Imperial and Metric rim diameters.

The unique feature of Wyse Guide is its listing of cars using a particular tyre size. This will enable you to critically judge and appraise your stock holdings and match these to the requirements of your customers.

The issues will cover the new cars and model revisions made by manufactures during the subscription period to keep you abreast of market developments.

Tyre manufactures, wholesalers and distributors subscribe to Wyse Guide as they recognise it as the up-to-date database for all car and tyre fitments.

Pirelli, Dunlop, Continental, Good Year, Yokohama, Toyo, Cooper Avon and Bridgestone Tyre Manufacurers Logos

Issue No. 31 - Part Two is now a finite volume containing 4,887 rows of data covering cars manufactured between 1995 and 2005.

Issue No. 36 - Part Three is the new part that we will continue to update annually and currently has 9,800 rows of fitments + optional sizes stored for cars in production from 2006 to-date.

WYSE GUIDE has moved into the 21st Century by now listing all Issue No. 36 data onto a disc format using PDF files. The cost of producing and posting the old paper copy has become prohibitive and as we wish to remain competitive and keep our pricing down, these new format allows us to offer you much more data for the same cost as Issue No.34. So, the cost of Part Three in future will be remain at £50.00 per copy posted to the U.K., £55.00 (GBP) posted to the European Union and £60.00 (GBP) posted to the Rest of the World.

The finite Part Two will cost £35.00 (GBP) U.K., £40.00 (GBP) E.U. and £45.00 (GBP) Rest of the World.

Bulk order prices can be negotiated for orders of 25 or more copies of either Part Two or Part Three – please contact us for a quotation;-